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Jan 2 2012

Computing Hash code(MD5/SHA1) of the File using c#

article about how to compute SHA1 hash code of File using c# language

Jan 2 2012

Creating custom shaped forms using c#

article about how to create custom shape form like oval etc in c# windows forms application

Jan 1 2012

Download / Upload Binary Files on FTP Server using c#

article demonstrates how to download and upload file to from/to FTP Server using FTPWebrequest class of c#.

Dec 27 2011

Retain values of Dynamically Created controls between postbacks in asp.net

Many programmers having difficulty when creating dynamic controls on the page they are created by simple code but when you press some button / Postback occurs all values and properties are lost.To...

Dec 22 2011

Check if email address really exist or not using c#

article demonstrate basic technique for checking if particular email is exist or not. using SMTP protocol specifications in RFC 821.

Dec 22 2011

Get GridView Cell value using JavaScript

article about how to get GridView cell value using java script code.

Dec 19 2011

Using/Hosting WindowsForm Control into Asp.net Webpage

Article about how to use/host Windows Form Control inside asp.net web page in intranet website.

Dec 16 2011

Set Gradient/Shaded Background to Windows form using c#

Normally we can set background color of form as single Color/Solid Color but what if we want the Form Background shaded by two colors ?you can do it by adding Image background but it will down per...

Dec 15 2011

Creating ListBox with Alternative Item Background color using C#

Article on how to customize ListBox Items by Creating ListBox with Alternative Item Background color using C# in Windows Forms.

Dec 12 2011

Show directory structure in TreeView Just In Time as user clicks nodes

One way to fill the directory structure is to scan through each directory and add nodes in tree view control but this might be time consuming as it takes a lot time to scan whole directory structu...

Dec 12 2011

Sliding Effect while opening form in Windows Form Application using c#

You may have seen some application in which when you click on button Sliding Child Form appear from the main form.I will teach you how to make this kind of sliding form.Open sliding form on button...

Dec 10 2011

Retain Password Field value in ASP.NET Post Back

Retain Password Field value in ASP.NET Post BackIn asp.net when you submit a form using button or some control like image button Post Back occurs . if form is lengthy and if some error occurs when...

Dec 8 2011
Dec 8 2011
Dec 8 2011

Fade effect animation in windows form using C#

To make application look better we have use some eye candy to it. Like in some crack program you have seen when they start they are visible smoothly. Here we are going to make the same fade effect...

Dec 4 2011

Adding Extra Button on the Title Bar(Non-Client Area) of the Form using c#

you may have seen some applications that have extra buttons on the Title bar of the window near to Minimize,Restore and Close Button for some functionality.for example Internet Download Manager Ha...

Dec 2 2011

Add Normal Column and Template Column Dynamically in Asp.net GridView

in most of case we build GridView statically or let asp.net do it it self but what if we want to add Columns to GridView Dynamically.like you may want to add TemplateField with Several controls w...

Dec 2 2011

Access Repeater Control Items with JavaScript

article explaining how to access Repeater control items with JavaScript in asp.net

Dec 1 2011

Detect change in network Connectivity using c#

when we are building some kind of network application need arises some time that we check if network is avaialable then and then do certain task else dont do.so question is how to detect change in...

Nov 30 2011

Blocking List of IP Addresses in ASP.net web application / Website

some time you want that certain ip addresses of bad people/ spam organisation will not able to access your website or you want certain IP address user should not be able to access your website con...

Nov 29 2011

Locating Windows owned by other process and changing Window Title in C#

to locate windows owned by other process can be done using System.Runtime.InteropServicessay for in this example We want that when we click Button in our c# application it will change the Title of...

Nov 28 2011

Encrypting/Decrypting Data With RSA Algorithm in C#

Some time we need to hide our confidential data from the other user for that purpose we use encryption Algorithms to Encrypt our Data. RSA is public key Algorithm so it make use of two keysPublic ...

Nov 28 2011

Get list of all Forms in Project using c# Reflection

What we want to do here is we have some forms listed in Solution explorer we need to get all those form names in listbox control as shown in Second Figure.its simple and easy to do with Reflection...

Nov 27 2011

Show Form by its string name in c# using Reflection

some time we wants that we store names of all the available form names in database and as per user select the form name string from database we need to show form.lets see how to achieve this kind ...

Nov 26 2011

Getting Information About Class Programatically (methods in class/properties of class) using c#

here I am showing how to get class related information Programatically (methods in class/properties of class/Constructors).Class information using Type Classlets say below is our class and we need...

Nov 26 2011

Get MAC Address of Network Interface Card(MAC) using C# code

Media Access Control Address (MAC) that is unique identifies for the Network Cards.MAC addresses are assigned by card manufacturers when they are built.There are variety of ways to get it like exe...

Nov 24 2011

Measure Execution Time of Code in C#

Sometimes you may need to find out how much time a piece of code takes in execution. This is very important when an application is slow. By using this approach, you may find out what code takes ho...

Nov 24 2011

Show Parent Child Records in Windows Form like Ms Access

Now you have seen the above screen shot and knowing what we are going to build which is something similar to ms access's Data Display. So let's get started! First of all we need to create 2 Sample...

Nov 24 2011

Arithmetic operations on Numbers bigger than permissible limits

article about how to perform arithmetic operations on Numbers bigger than permissible limits using BigInteger class in c#.

Nov 24 2011
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